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INTRODUCTION: In the last study of this series in volume one, we discovered that the Holy Spirit could be compared to Electricity, a sort of divine, heavenly Electricity. Your body, particularly your hands, could be the conductor of His awesome power while your tongue is the switch that sets the current flowing. That is why powerful Christians are Christians who pray in tongues often. But suppose a once powerful Christian lost his power, how can he regain it? How can a powerful Christian remain powerful? These are the questions we hope to answer in this study in Jesus Name. Amen.

There is no smoke without fire. There can be no loss of power without a cause or causes. When the power diminishes or vanishes, the first thing to do is to try and locate the why of it Power could be lost through (i) absorbing false doctrines, (ii) innocent amusements (iii) flattery or (iv) the “oil” drying up. To get the fire going again, we must (i) trim the wick i.e. restitute our ways, (ii) obtain oil afresh, (iii) go back to the source of fire (iv) stay put till we become so conformed to the source that we can partake of His nature once again.
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It is good to regain lost powers, but it is better still never to lose the powers. If you do not want to lose your powers but instead you want the powers to increase, here are some suggestions on what to do. (i) Keep in continuous touch with the source, whatever it costs (ii) your desire and thirst for Him must be intense and continuous (iii) you must have a deep and continuous burden to serve Him, passionately, desirous of winning souls (iv) you must be temperate in all things (v) you must constantly keep your body under even as you feed on the word (vi) you must forget past glories and aim higher each day and (vii) you must constantly increase your flying time: i.e. hours of prayers, the type of praying that shuts all else out except God.

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